We Now Live in A New Era


100 years ago personal, customised service at a local level was king. The rise of national and now global brands have created vast complexity and the personal customer relationship is getting lost.

A new era is dawning...the next stage of the technological revolution is upon us and this time it’s personal.


Back to the Future of Personalisation

Tomorrow’s winners are going back to the future, creating personal service levels tomorrow more like the ones our grandparents experienced in the past, providing better service at a lower cost.

Tomorrow's losers will still be using faceless customer call centres with long waiting times and a lack of usable customer insight. Creating unhappy customers who churn quicker and broadcast their anger on social media.   


SmartChat creates solutions to solve customer problems smarter and faster without the need of finding and downloading relevant apps.




With 3 billion people on messaging platforms today, your customers are already waiting to start a conversation. SmartChat can design, build and maintain your chatbot to delight customers, drive sales and save on operating costs.


Case Studies

The following case studies have been developed in partnership with leading brands but some of the details have been altered to respect confidentiality.


Creating Inspiration

Problem Supermarket shoppers stuck for inspiration on how to make dine-in experiences special.

Solution A mood based bot to help choose recipes, ingredients and wine to be added in one tap to checkout baskets.

Benefit Happier customers, increased trial and higher checkout basket value.



Enabling Transactions

Problem Most drivers don't remember to replace their tyres as the seasons change.

Solution A bot which notifies and guides you through a simple, quick process to get new tyres put on your car.

Benefit Safer and happier customers with higher rates of sale.



Providing Support

Problem Telco customers taking to their social media channels to expose poor customer service publicly.

Solution A bot which offers smarter and faster advice for customer problems, reducing pressure on help centre staff.

Benefit Happy, engaged customers churning less and acting as ambassadors for the brand.



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